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Looking After Your Drains

Drains are an integral part of any home and often an area of the home maintenance schedule that is overlooked ...

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Drains are an integral part of any home andoften an area of the home maintenance schedule that is overlooked.  

Drains keep the water and debris caused from rainfall out of your garden and also move the dirty water and waste away from your home and into the sewer below if they get blocked or no longer function properly this can lead to a blockage and can create unpleasant smells in the home or even worse an overflow where the waste comes back into the home.

This is quite a common problem in DelawareCounty, PA due to the weather that we tend to experience here.  

That is why in Delaware County, PA most homeowners employ professionals that specialize in drain services to ensure that their drains are maintained correctly.  

But with so many companies offering drain services it can be difficult to identify the correct option for you and that is where we come in. Today we will discuss the most common drain services offered and highlight the things to look out for when choosing acompany to carry out your drain cleaning and repair. 

Which is the most common service offered? 

Drain cleaning and repair is the most common service offered by drainage companies. This is because, regardless of the age of your home or the plumbing you have in place agood clean and regular repair will avoid any issues from developing with your drainage system.  

Of course, there are other more specialist drains services that companies can provide but they are not very common so to avoid confusion we will stick to discussing the drain cleaning and repair element. 

How do they do it? 

The cleaning process itself is pretty straightforward the drain services company will first carry out an inspection of your drainage pipes to check for blockages and obstructions. If none are detected, they will simply use a jet washer to clean the pipes and make it easier for water to flow through them.  

If a blockage is discovered or some kind of obstruction that is restricting the flow of water from within the drainage pipe, then they will insert a cable with a rotating head on the end. This head will spin and break up any materials that are causing resistance in the pipe.  

Once they have completed this they will revert back to flushing the system with a jet wash to make sure that the blockage has been cleared.  

If they discover any cracks or abrasions throughout the cleaning process, then they may recommend that the pipe is repaired or replaced don’t worry if this is the case as just like any material it will wear down over time and if not properly maintained can fail.  

The whole drain cleaning and repair process is normally completed in one visit to the property but for more extensive repairs a second visit may be required.  

Finding the right company 

When it comes to finding a drain services company it is important to do your research while most companies will offer drain cleaning and repair services not all are created equal. 

Unfortunately, some bad companies do exist and the last thing you want is an unreputable company working on such an integral part of your home.  

The best way to avoid this happening is tofollow the steps below: 

Research the company  

Nowadays if a company has a bad reputation,it is not difficult to find reviews highlighting why they have this reputation online. A simple internet search can help you avoid a potential nightmare.  

Also, where you can find bad reviews for one company you will more than likely find good reviews for another and when the mass consensus is that a company is good, they usually are.  

Check accreditations 

To carry out building works most companies have to be certified to do so and any professional company will usually display this information proudly on their website if they don’t have it on their then don’t be afraid to ask them for proof. 

Get a second opinion 

Never go with the first option one of the many benefits for you as the customer is the wealth of choices you have when itcomes to choosing a drain services company. So don’t be afraid to contact at least 3 companies to compare the services they offer and the price they quote you for the drain cleaning and repair you may be surprised by how much prices can vary from company to company.  

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