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Ideas For Your Corporate Events

Events form a special part of your corporate calendar and are crucial to the success of a business. Corporate events are not a new concept they ...

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Events form a special part of your corporate calendar and are crucial to the success of a business.  

Corporate events are not a new concept theyexist to reward employees for their hard work and are crucial to building key relationships within your business.  

But when it comes to corporate events which ideas work and which don’t?  

Today we will focus on corporate eventideas and how to choose what will work for your event.  

How do I choose? 

Ok so before we jump into discussing corporate event ideas lets begin at the very start.  

What type of corporate event do you want to put on as they are all different and offer different experience for the guests. 

Product lunch – If you are launching a project and want to generate excitement then you will want up tempo music and more theatrics such as smoke and lights. Product launches are supposed to create hype and get people talking about what you have to offer. 

Conferences – If you are organizing a conference you will want to consider catering and perhaps a few motivational speakers. Conferences are more formal events and are usually used to convey important information typically a meal is provided and perhaps a drink or two afterwards to allow participants to digest the information conveyed in the conference.  

Seasonal events – Typically the Christmas party is the main event in the corporate calendar and is a time for employees to really let their hair down and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For events like this you will want to go all out and have music, event dancers, andlight shows. Christmas parties tend to resemble a club night more than a corporate function.  

Organize yourself or hire in help? 

Now that you have identified what type of function you will plan it is time to actually plan it. Now for an experienced events manager like myself this will not be a daunting task however if you are not a fan of meticulous planning and are extremely busy with your actual day job then why not hire in an entertainment company to help you.  

As corporate events have increased in popularity there are more and more people opting to hire a entertainment company to take care of everything for them and why not they are professionals after all most entertainment companies will take care of everything from catering to event dancers.  

Finding a company  

Finding a good entertainment company isn’t as easy as you may think and will require you to give some of your time to researching it however doing this now will save you so much time as the entertainment company will take care of everything for you.  


As I mentioned the most time-consuming part of choosing an entertainment company is the research beforehand you will want to make sure you are hiring a professional entertainment company.  

A good indicator into how professional the company is will be found in their reviews section. If they haven’t performed well in the past, I can guarantee you it will be on the internet somewhere.  

You can also save some time here and reach out for referrals to colleagues and friends and family it could be that they have a company they can recommend to you which will reduce the amount of time you will have to dedicate to searching for one.  

Brief the company  

Once you have found a company you will want to discuss your idea with them but be open to listen to their suggestions remember they are the professionals here and can advise you to make sure your event runs smoothly without any issues.  

Once you have briefed the entertainment company,they can provide you with an estimated cost for the servicers they will provide.  

In my experience I always like to contact two or three companies just to see how the price compares and also to see how the package they offer compares.  


All companies will have packages they offer for events so it is important to understand what is included in each packageand it is also worthwhile asking if the packages can be customized to suit your companies’ particular needs.  

Set the date If you are happy with everything that has discussed, then you will want to set and book the date with the company you will also want to agree times for equipment to be delivered and set up on the day. In addition to that I normally set an update date to check in with them closer to the event to make sure everything is still going to plan. 

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